Advantages and disadvantages of hosting

Blogs have become the star platform of the last decades: many people have decided to create one, either as a hobby or for work purposes. As a result, millions of blog entries are published monthly all over the world. The way to have them on the web is through a free web hosting server or your own web hosting.

The free web hosts that everyone knows are the famous and WordPress. These solutions are very attractive to novice users, as they offer them the possibility to generate a blog easily, simply, and without fees. No prior technical knowledge is required, as the provider generates the updates and backups.

On the other hand, self-hosting is the best option when you plan to focus on a solid, professional, commercial, or business project. In these cases, the only way to achieve satisfactory results is to hire the services of professional servers. For this reason, there are companies such as Cloud Servers, which have the best packages to meet the needs of their customers and increase their performance.

This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both options. It must be taken into account that choosing one model or the other will depend a lot on the needs and circumstances of each person.

Advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting

Being a free option, it is ideal for those users who want to take their first steps as bloggers. Here they will be able to experiment with different systems and manage their content without any fees or contingencies.

There are several advantages:


As we have already mentioned, this is its star advantage. Hosting a blog with a free web hosting provider is a relief, as you don’t have to invest anything beyond the time you want. There are different companies and each one offers a range of free templates and services. It’s just a matter of choosing the one you like the most, configuring it, and starting to upload content at no cost.


It is the host that provides and facilitates the templates and updates. The templates allow you to customize the blog without difficulty because thanks to the extras and plug-ins you can modify certain things to adapt them to your products or theme. This makes it suitable for everyone, because thanks to its simplicity, no previous technical knowledge is required to use it and create the space you need.

No requirements

As for security and service updates, the user will not have to worry. The server will be in charge of maintaining the entire operating system, with security updates that will prevent any hacking. This is a great advantage, although it is necessary to know that the programs and firewalls are somewhat limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of your own web hosting

There are different providers, including us, that offers a customized space according to the needs of each user. To get the most out of it, you need to have the technical knowledge or someone to manage it for you.

The advantages are many, and for this reason, we detail them below:

Personalization of spaces

In this web space, it is possible to install and configure a blog in a few steps without having too much programming knowledge, although certain technical notions are necessary. The providers also have internal tools that allow users to create their own fully customized websites. In addition, if you have more programming skills, the possibilities for customization and creativity increase.

Cost flexibility

Providers offer our clients different packages of services and prices, which allows everyone to choose the one that best suits their needs. A person who wants to create a cooking blog is not the same as a person who wants to create an online store. Obviously, their requirements will be different and, therefore, so will the price they will have to pay.

Own domain

In this type of hosting you can acquire your own domain. This helps to give more strength to your brand and to position (SEO) better in the network, as it is the easiest way to find you. Providers usually offer a package that includes the domain and a corporate email with the name.