How to Repair Air Conditioners?

However, these air conditioning devices can present problems in their operation, so it is also necessary to know how to repair an air conditioner.

As with any other household appliance, air conditioners can suddenly break down. These essential devices to ensure a cool and cozy atmosphere at home, need regular maintenance if you do not want to suffer hot and uncomfortable nights.

Those who have air conditioners in their homes can try by themselves several tips and advice to increase the performance of their equipment. But when this is not enough, it is important to have the advice and experience of stores like Universo Instalador, who have a specialized team with extensive experience in the world of air conditioning systems.

What to do when the air conditioning is not working?

When the air conditioning is not working optimally, it can be cause for alarm. Occasionally, these air conditioning units present mild or moderate problems that can be solved at home. According to experts in the world of air conditioning, most of the problems that usually affect the performance of air conditioners have their epicenter in inadequate – or no – maintenance.

Whether it is a fuse or filter, the air conditioner is one of the appliances that homes can not afford to have damaged on days of high temperatures. For this reason, below are some of the most common problems that present these teams, and tips for air conditioner repair.

Dirty filter

It doesn’t matter what model of air conditioner you have. A dirty filter can interfere with optimal air conditioner performance. However, some models cannot be cleaned as easily, as manufacturers advise complete replacement of this part.

The good news is that most filters can be cleaned at home. Once the location of the filter is delimited, with the air conditioner off, you must remove the part and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Also, if the filter is water resistant, it can also be immersed in a solution of water and vinegar – in equal parts – for 60 minutes. When the filter is dry, it can be placed back in the equipment. This procedure should be done periodically, approximately once a month, if you do not have pets at home.

The air conditioner does not turn on

It sounds obvious, but experts in the maintenance and repair of air conditioners advise checking that the device is connected and the thermostat is properly set to heat the room. In addition, if it is a split air, you should check that the compressor that is on the outside of the house is working. If the air conditioner still does not turn on, it is likely to be a damaged or blown fuse, which must be replaced or the coil is frozen. In either of the latter cases, it is recommended that you call a reputable service technician.

The air conditioner does not cool

One of the most common problems that occur in many air conditioners is that their performance to cool the home drops. Some reasons why these devices may suddenly stop cooling are mainly due to the:

  • The thermostat is not properly configured: in this situation, it is necessary to consult the manufacturer’s manual.
  • The outdoor unit, if it is a split air is blocked or very dirty: then, the owner must clean around the compressor and remove all those elements that can block the unit, such as weeds.
  • The air filter is dirty: the owner of the unit should remove and clean this part, whose dirt can restrict the passage of cold air.

The air conditioner is noisy or vibrating.

It is normal for window air conditioners to emit a noise compared to a fan. However, if this sound is more noticeable than usual, or if the device begins to vibrate, there is a problem with the air conditioner.