Have you always wanted to travel to the far north of Germany and visit the Hanseatic city of Hamburg? Hamburg, apart from musicals and big container ships, not only offers a lot to see, but also a lot to hypnotise. Hypnosis is a gentle therapy method that can free and change your life completely. Start with me on a special city trip and learn to love Hamburg from its hypnotic side. Hypnosis Hamburg can help you to free yourself from the worries of your life and to discover great things about yourself that have remained hidden from you until now.

Experience deep relaxation with Hypnosis Hamburg

Through hypnosis your subconscious is sensitized and receptive to suggestions. In hypnosis this state is called trance. Trance is a form of deep relaxation and is perceived differently by each person. During the trance experience a communication with the subconscious takes place through hypnosis. This makes it possible to achieve changes in behaviour and initial therapeutic success within a very short time. Hypnosis is not magic.

Hypnosis is a talk therapy and is used by doctors, coaches, psychologists, politicians, successful salesmen and managers. Hypnosis can help you live free from compulsions. Hypnosis helps you to find motivation, to cope with stress, to gain inner peace and mental strength. Hypnosis is used in many areas such as smoking cessation, sleep disorders, weight problems, lack of self-confidence, grief management or simply as a holistic relaxation method. The gentle form of therapy is really suitable for everyone and absolutely free of side effects.

Only you alone must want it. Only you alone must leave the communication with your subconscious and give the doctor or therapist an insight into your inner being. In this way you can succeed in freeing yourself from your fears from your profession and everyday life and fight against them sustainably. You will learn to get to the bottom of the causes and you will learn to adapt your behaviour in certain situations.

Active health care through hypnosis

In addition to relaxation, hypnosis can make an important contribution to active health care, such as smoking cessation or weight reduction, and can also have a positive effect on the subconscious mind and nervous system. Hypnosis Hamburg offers you a wide range of products to free yourself from the burdens of life with the power of hypnosis.

Here you can start your personal hypnosis journey by visiting the Hypnosis Academy in special seminars and hypnosis sessions. You can learn how to deal with hypnosis, how to deal with the possibilities of self-hypnosis or place yourself in the hands of a well-trained therapist. In addition to the Hypnosis Academy, you can visit numerous other providers in Hamburg such as the Institute for Applied Hypnosis, the Institute for Transactional Hypnosis or one of the smaller practices such as the Hypnosis Therapy Service of the alternative practitioner Karin Heins or the Practice for Hypnosis and Homeopathy of Claudia Krebs.

Hypnosis in medicine

Not only hypnosis practices, but also physicians are aware of the effects of hypnosis and increasingly combine hypnosis techniques with conventional treatment methods. For example, hypnosis can be an effective aid in curing diseases such as burn-out, depression, allergies or other ailments.

Hypnosis enables penetration into the human body and treatment without any additional medication. Hypnosis is mainly used in the treatment of anxiety patients. Hypnosis can help you stay calm and relaxed during your visit, even during treatment by a dentist or general practitioner. Hypnosis will teach you how to deal with this situation and thus the success of the treatment will improve noticeably. Doctors from the field of oral and maxillofacial medicine such as Patrick Marcinow’s dental practice, Dr. Bianca Münster und Partner’s dental practice in the Kaiserhof or the Dentologicum Hamburg successfully use accompanying hypnosis.

But also physicians from the general medicine such as Dr. Caroline Beier, Dr. med. Philomena Melchiors or Dr. med. Gräfendorf successfully combine Hypnose with other treatment methods in Hamburg.

Are you ready to change something in your life? Then go on a journey with hypnosis into your subconscious mind and let your imagination run free. This new form of communication with yourself helps you to get more inner peace and frees you from your blockades within a very short time. Hypnosis Hamburg teaches you to deal with yourself and shows you effective hypnosis methods for more satisfaction and to strengthen your personality development.

If you are looking for a serious hypnotist in Hamburg, our list of hypnotherapists or one of the international hypnosis associations can help you. Discover your true potential with the support of hypnosis and get to know and love Hamburg from its hypnotic side.

Do you always have the feeling that something is hidden inside you that you don’t know? Have you always felt the need to deal more deeply with your inner being, your thoughts, your experiences and your feelings? Then hypnosis could be the right method for you to really get to know and discover you.

At a Hypnosis Seminar Vienna you can manage to experience things about yourself that you have not yet known and at the same time breathe Viennese air. Why shouldn’t you combine your city trip to Vienna with a hypnosis experience and get to know not only the beautiful sides of the Austrian capital, but also new sides of yourself?

Hypnosis Seminar Vienna – a journey into your true self

Through hypnosis you learn not only to look at yourself from the surface, but also to deal with your inner self. Your inner being has more to offer than you might think. In a hypnosis seminar in Vienna you will have the opportunity, accompanied by a hypnotist, to dive into the state of relaxation of the trance and come into contact with your subconscious. You will get to know different types of hypnosis like lightning hypnosis or self hypnosis in theory and practice.

During your journey into your ego, you can manage to experience things about yourself that have not yet come to light. In this intense phase of deep relaxation you are particularly susceptible to external influences. For this reason, hypnosis uses exactly this situation to make conscious changes to you and your ways of life through suggestions.

Hypnosis can help you to master difficult life situations better in the future, to free yourself from blockades, fears and addictions and to start anew with less ballast in life. You learn to live out your anger, to deal with it and make emotional values a fixed part of your life. Through the method of self-hypnosis you can hypnotise yourself without the help of a hypnotist, reach a state of trance and consciously relax in certain situations. But hypnosis is not only a classical relaxation method and is not only used in personality development, but also in medicine.

Numerous general practitioners, dentists, psychologists and therapists in Vienna trust in the effect of hypnosis and incorporate hypnotic measures into their treatment methods. For example, a hypnotic gastric band can help to combat weight problems or methods of hypnosis can be used against anxiety.