Hypnosis has done a lot of things in my life. I was able to achieve goals that seemed almost unattainable to me. That helps me to be satisfied and started Yepp Online.

I am convinced that everyone is entitled to be satisfied and happy. And everyone can succeed. Also you. Learn to overcome and discard bad habits, negative thoughts and whatever else may keep you from being satisfied.

I use the most effective methods I know with great enthusiasm and conviction. I am very much looking forward to accompanying and inspiring you on your way to more satisfaction and happiness in life. Everything you need has always been with you. Now unwind and unfold it. And realize your life plan.

Hypnosis is probably the most effective means for personal development and change. Radical changes Рfor example from smoker to non-smoker Рare already possible after one session. And hypnosis is now also scientifically recognized by us. more about hypnosis…

Energetic healing methods support my work and always flow gently and sustainably into every meditation and hypnosis session.

In the many years of my work with clients and myself, I have always looked for ways to deal with blockages, obstacles and tensions that I have found within myself or that have been placed in my way from the outside.

On my way I got to know many interesting women and men from whom I could learn. I met new methods again and again, which helped me with the most different challenges of life in my role as father, friend, colleague etc.. I became aware that the development of one’s own personality, towards more awareness and freedom and ultimately towards an increase in self-worth, lies in the balance and even, step-by-step development of body, mind and soul. Only then can I be truly and sustainably successful and radiate this.

That is why I have dealt intensively with these topics in the course of my life. I am happy to share my holistic wealth of experience with you.

My specialization and the methods with which I work in.

I have attended several hypnosis training courses in Germany and from the beginning of my path as a hypnotist I decided to look for the best mentors and trainers. So already in my first hypnosis training I decided for my current mentor Dr. Norbert Preetz and the Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. I attach great importance to ensuring that my clients achieve their goals and that I have the most effective tools at hand to enable them to change quickly and, above all, permanently.

I am specialized in helping people with emotional blockages such as fear, anger, grief or lack of self-confidence to unconsciously lay down their “prison bars” and unfold their true potential. Each of us has resources and abilities that we can all use and if you consider that humans only use 5-10% of their abilities consciously, then this represents a huge potential of each individual. I want to help you to lead a happier, freer and healthier life and achieve your goals.

The methods of change

In my practice I work with successful change tools that enable you to make lasting positive changes in your life. The core method that I use in my hypnsosis practice is hypnoanalysis, which has proven to be extremely effective and proven in the coaching application areas that I supervise here. Through hypnoanalysis it is possible to achieve very successful results in just a few sessions, which will be permanently preserved for you. Take your time and read more about the powerful hypnoanalysis.

Furthermore, I work with the Simpson protocol – a process that is particularly suitable for people who find it difficult to talk about the problem in the or have a very critical mind because we work here with the superconscious. I also use EFT knock acupressure with my clients, as this simple self-help technique is particularly effective in cases of resistance to change or fear of hypnosis.