Slimming Quickly With Hypnosis

Slimming the superfluous kilos is a dream of many – but usually it remains only a dream. There are countless methods on the Internet and among friends, from Weight Watchers to the Atkins diet. In only a few cases the respective promises are fulfilled and it comes to nocturnal cravings and the well-known yo-yo effect.

Put an end to this and live your dream of a beautiful slim body. With hypnosis losing weight quickly changes not only your appearance, but also something that is much more important: All your eating habits as well as the deep decision in your subconscious to actually make it.

The fact is that more than half of all adults in Germany are already obese. This is a frightening figure that proves that Germany is now one of the thickest countries in the world. Do not hesitate to call on professional help, because without it it is usually impossible to make a success visible.

Reach your goal faster with hypnosis

Hypnosis for rapid weight loss is one of the most important core competencies of the Hypnosis Centre Cologne, along with smoking cessation and self-hypnosis. We, too, were deeply disturbed by the frightening figure that every second German citizen is considered to be overweight. In addition to the fact that there are more and more overweight people, the number of people with diabetes and other secondary diseases is also rising. Many people decide to lose weight quickly with hypnosis. Why is this so? What are the advantages of hypnosis in the Hypnosis Centre Cologne? With us you can count on the following:

✓ No hidden costs – only the sessions you have attended will be billed.
✓ There is no room for yo-yo effects in the Hypnosis Centre Cologne.
✓ With us you have the chance to learn new behaviours of hypnosis.
✓ Long-term success after weight reduction.

Numerous advantages – extra for you

There are infinite advantages that you can enjoy with hypnosis in the context of weight reduction. Especially important here are health factors that can be influenced 100%. Not only the knowledge that overweight can lead to physical impairments, but also the feeling of inferiority and the lack of self-confidence can impair the quality of life.

You can lose weight quickly with hypnosis on the one hand, and change your entire eating habits on the other. Furthermore, you will feel the results of the changes: a strengthened self-confidence, a higher self-esteem and above all: you will never have to buy oversized clothes again. You will be a completely new person – see for yourself!

What actually happens in the body when you want to lose weight quickly with hypnosis? During the hypnosis session, we make new neural connections in our client’s brain, but old connections are loosened. For this reason, all hypnosis takes place in the client’s head, since the change in self-perception can only take place when neuronal pathways are switched. The result is that the eating behaviour changes and you can lose weight quickly due to hypnosis.

You can lose weight quickly in two different ways based on hypnotic methods. Within the framework of suggestive hypnosis, the hypnotist gives his client so-called suggestions. The hypnotic gastric band is a well-known method. It suggests to the client that he will be implanted with a gastric band and that he will only be able to eat a certain portion of food. In addition, suggestive hypnosis can be used to accelerate metabolism and manipulate eating behaviour. As beautiful and promising as it may sound, the long-term successes usually fail to materialize.

For this reason, of course, do not use suggestive hypnosis in the context of weight reduction. However, the second hypnosis method promises sustainability and efficiency: analytical hypnosis. And this is exactly where we come in: With the analytical method, we are able to identify the client’s needs and orient ourselves to them. In cooperation with the client, we solve negative points and help our clients to profoundly change their diet and self-perception. The analytical method we use, the so-called Transforming Therapy™, is highly appreciated by our clients.

Before you can lose weight quickly with hypnosis, you should contact us by telephone. This is very important to us because we want to get to know your personality and motivation for hypnosis before each session.